Discover, monitor and counter threats from
disinformation in real time using AI.

Selected Clients

  • US Depart of State
  • DT Global
  • Thomson Reuters Foundation
  • US Aid
  • Trust Lab
  • Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

AI powered social media
threat monitoring for:

  • Comms Leaders
  • Risk Professionals
  • Monitoring Teams
  • Crisis/Reputation Management
  • Banking
  • Pharma
  • Brands / PR

Protect your organisation from
risks like...

Disinformation-fueled short seller attacks hitting stock price

on average spent on social media tools that can’t detect threats.
of revenue on spent on PR/comms. Large companies 1%-2%.
in market value lost by listed US companies due to disinformation attacks - Bloomberg.

Take Back Control of Your
Information Environment

Detect & Track

  • Disinformation attacks
  • Bot network activity
  • Deepfakes and Scams
  • Current and historical narratives
  • Understand Who's behind it
  • Accurate audience sentiment
  • Authentic vs inauthentic


  • Bot-powered attacks
  • New and emerging harmful narratives
  • Future attack patterns
  • Scam and deepfake strategy
  • Positive narrative opportunities


  • Avoid "over-reaction traps"
  • Know when and how to respond
  • Harness the power of positive narratives
  • Strategic crisis communications
  • Take downs

Insights Dashboard

A comprehensive overview of key metrics and data points in a visually intuitive and interactive interface

Daily Summary

A concise daily report highlighting the most important information and updates for quick consumption

Actionable Insights

Data-driven recommendations and insights that enable informed decision-making and proactive strategies

Email Alerts

Timely notifications and alerts delivered via email to keep you informed of critical events and developments

Personal AI Assistant

An intelligent virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence to provide personalized support and guidance

OSINT Takedowns

Identification and removal of malicious or infringing content from open-source intelligence (OSINT) platforms

Deepfake Detection

Advanced algorithms to detect and flag potentially manipulated or synthetically generated media content

Narrative Investigation

In-depth analysis and investigation of narratives, stories, and themes to uncover insights and patterns

Crisis Response Assistance

Rapid support and guidance during crisis situations to minimize impact and facilitate effective response

Attribution of Malign Actors

Identification and profiling of malicious actors and their characteristics to enhance threat intelligence

Media Mentions

  • New York Times
  • The Economist
  • Bloomberg
  • The Guardian
  • The Daily Mail
  • Reuters
  • BBC

Narrative Tracking

What is being said?

Narratives are the talking points that frame the way people see your brand or organisation; some are positive while others can be seriously damaging. With our cutting edge software that goes beyond traditional social listening we help you identify and track the spread of specific, detailed narratives, enabling you to harness the stories that will help drive your brand and show you which ones need to be addressed.

Why is it better than anyone else?

Our pioneering narrative identification is a game changer for actionable insights, showing you the full complexity of exactly what is being said and how far and fast it has spread.

Sentiment Analysis

What do they think about you?

Not only can we track narratives but our AI software allows us to accurately measure the audience reaction to these narratives. Our tool shows you how the online discourse has affected the overall sentiment towards you or your organisation, helping you measure the impact of your campaigns in ways that have never been achieved before.

What makes it different?

Our groundbreaking multi-agent AI system incorporates nuances of language like sarcasm and uses contextual affirmation to provide results to an accuracy not previously thought possible.

Authentic vs Inauthentic

Is the conversation being manipulated?

Our methodology, developed through years of experience dealing with disinformation, allows us to understand the manipulation strategies and the technical infrastructure used to implement them. This helps us determine the authenticity of conversations so that you can understand straight away what you should act on, what is intended to deceive you and what actually matters.

Why it matters?

Once you have the full picture and can track what's happening, you are able to track and predict real world impact and respond accordingly.

Daily Summary
Actionable Insights
Email Alerts
AI Assistant
Deepfake Detection
Advanced Narrative Tracking
Share Price Manipulation Alerts
Directed Brand Attack Alerts
Sector Wide Contagion Monitoring
Bot Monitoring
Advanced Sentiment Analysis
News Article Monitoring



Starting at £250 / month


  • Track online news media and mentions
  • See key trends in news narratives
  • Understand sentiment output of news media output
  • Track competing narratives
  • Stay informed via email alerts

*two-weeks free trial

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Starting at £750 / month


  • All base tier features
  • Stay informed via a daily summary and threat alerts via email, Slack etc
  • Interrogate social and news media data via an AI assistant
  • Track your own and competing narratives
  • Understand sentiment around key narratives
  • Detect and monitor inauthentic activity
  • Predict how your messaging will perform via our AI
  • Detect and respond to building attacks

*two-weeks free trial


Contact us for Custom Pricing

  • All professional features
  • Investigate source of hostile activity via OSINT support
  • Generate evidence for legal action
  • Support on engaging social media platforms for take downs

*two-weeks free trial